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Architecture Clinic

The IDesign Architecture Clinic will teach you how to quickly and effectively create high-quality system architectures through a comprehensive hands-on application of IDesign's unique process.

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The IDesign method is a breakthrough, battle–proven approach to software architecture. It produces an easy–to–follow blueprint for the construction of a software system that thoroughly addresses all important aspects of the development process.

During the five days, you will architect several systems using this method, thus becoming proficient at it. This is a great opportunity to get help and guidance with your own projects from master architect Michael ‘Monty’ Montgomery. All attendees are encouraged to present their own systems for the team to work on during the class, where Monty will share his best practices and insights developed over 20 years of software-engineering experience.

What you will learn: 
• How to design world–class systems 
• How to derive and design a project plan out of your architecture 
• How to identify potential problems in the plan that may require changes to the design 
• How to estimate the cost and schedule of constructing your architecture 
• The theory behind design decisions 
• The soft skills required by modern software architects

The clinic combines elements of instruction and guidance, teamwork, peer-critique, and an IDesign Master architect review, which allows participants to leave not only with the architecture and design diagrams for their particular system, but also with expertise that would otherwise take years of on-the-job-experience to obtain.


This course is aimed at architects, project leads, senior developers or any senior software specialists.

There are no set prerequisites for this course, but experience designing systems and working with software architecture is necessary.

This course will grant you membership to IDesign’s prestigious alumni group. Participants will also receive the IDesign documents and diagram templates, tools, samples, and reference projects.

The IDesign serviceware downloads (a set of original techniques, tools, utilities and even breakthroughs developed by the IDesign architects) will also be provided. The utilities are largely productivity-enhancing tools, or they compensate for some oversight in the design of .NET or WCF.

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