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Lean Experimentation Workshop

Heard of Lean Startup but not sure how it applies in your established organization? In this session, I’ll provide an overview of the Lean Startup and Build Measure Learn frameworks, description of types of MVPs and how to choose, instruction to set up effective experiments and hypotheses, and practical tips to incorporate these elements of Lean Startup practices to improve overall experience for teams and users.

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The Lean Startup approach is becoming increasingly popular among companies of all sizes and organizations of all kinds. There are a lot of buzz words thrown around and the meaning gets muddled, but at its core, the Lean Startup approach is a way to apply the scientific method across business and product development.

It turns out that the Lean Startup framework calls for very budget friendly UX-friendly processes, and provides a great framework to incorporate UX research early and often across the whole team, regardless of whether you’re in a true startup, a massive organization, a nonprofit, or anywhere in between.

The session will provide an overview of core Lean Startup principles and tips on how to craft lean experiments for any team.

What you will learn

  • An overview of the Lean Startup approach
  • Description of the Build Measure Learn framework 
  • Discussion of different types of MVPs
  • Steps for successful implementation of lean experiments, including:
    • Start with an observed problem
    • Write an effective hypothesis
    • Craft your experiment
    • Collaboratively generate MVP 
    • Analyze data and incorporate


  1. Lean Startup Overview
  2. Running Lean Experiments 
  3. Problem Observation
  4. Assumption Building
  5. Hypothesis Setting
  6. Experiment and MVP Design
  7. Data Analysis
  8. Results Incorporation and process implementation

Who is it for?

This session has roots in Lean and experimentation that is often the focus of UX practitioners, but could be appropriate for designers, developers, product folks, or really anyone interested in learning to incorporate lean experimentation cycles into their work. 



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